Solutionary sustainable, socially connected design
Green Map System
Think Global, Map Local!
Founder, Director and System Designer since 1995
Creating resources and guiding this locally-led global sustainability movement, Wendy has supported impassioned participation in sustainable community development in 65 countries. Today, hundreds of locally printed and interactive Green Maps highlight and link local nature, culture and green living resources.
Green Map NYC
New York City's Original Green Apple Map
Innovator, publisher, promoter, connector
Created to highlight the surprisingly green side of New York City, Wendy and colleagues have published two dozen different Green Maps since 1992. Youth mapping, workshops, consulting and public presentations have engaged communities throughout the city.
Mapping to Making Green Sites
Cultivating Creativity, Energy and Local Flavor
Designer, Developer, Adviser, Advocate
Step 'outside the box' with a systems thinker. Wendy's concepts bring a sense of celebration, whether she's mobilizing for climate-change, supporting community green infrastructure, addressing cycling as a vehicle for social change or cultivating an energy-smart future.
Sharing Knowledge for a Sustainable Future
Synthesizer, Tool maker, Speaker, Teacher, Mentor
Sharing what she knows to expedite progress toward sustainability, Wendy is continually teaching, questioning, learning and collaborating. Sustainable design, social innovation, systems thinking, green marketing and communications, locative and social media, community engagement, universal design and more.
Wendy's Websites
Collaboratively Created to Inspire and Connect
Initiator, Co-developer, Ongoing Contributor
Registering her first domain name in 1995, Wendy was a pioneer in using the internet to support sustainable development. Was it destined to be? After all, WEB = Wendy E. Brawer. Her initials connect her, the web of life and the info-web!
Book & Writing
Expressions in Print
Reporter, Guidemaker, Blogger, Editor, Publisher
An early participant in the emerging world of sustainable development, Wendy reported from a designer's vantage point. Her words inspire a fresh consideration of familiar places and new approaches to a more livable, beautiful future.
Sharing a Green Perspective
Speaker, Tour Guide, Exhibitor
Conveying a unique perspective shaped by 20 years of experience, Wendy has offered all audiences an energizing and practical way to turn good intentions into action.
Consulting & Critique
Consulting and Critique
Greening Pioneer, Trendspotter, Consultant and Juror
Whether she's working on sustainable product development with companies, bringing heart to the 'crossroads of the world' or helping children see the connection between healthy street trees and tropical rainforests, Wendy takes a practical, anticipatory and inclusive approach.


New Initiatives & Partnerships, Innovation & Collaboration. Let's generate a significant impact!

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