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Manhattan Plaza's Environmental Program
Manhattan Plaza's Environmental Program was a three year project that began in 1994. Modern World Design's role as greening program designer was to create an inviting pathway toward more sustainable daily habits and work practices for the 3,500 residents and dozens of staff members at this well-known housing complex. We showed people easy steps and cost-effective, healthful options, and together, we celebrated the community's many beneficial accomplishments.

This mobile Eco Info center rolled from lobby to lobby and to complex -wide events. With a new exhibit every month, residents could leearn about all aspects of green living from the attendent, peruse the library, take away samples and advice. Made from recycled plastic and some other green materials.
Greening hints were delivered to 1700 apartments, and there were talks, contests and parties, and a Youth Ecology Club -- its many projects included handing out Recycling Report Cards and adopting a plot of the Costa Rican Rainforest the same size as the 2.6 acre MP complex.

A major achievement: between January 1995 and April 1996, MP saved 50 Million Gallons of Water. This averaged an astounding 65 gallons of water saved per apartment per day during the 15 month period! A combination of low-flow devices and conservation campaigns led to this watershed achievement! By March 1997, a toilet retrofit was completed, saving an additional 30 million gallons annually.

We celebrated MP's Watershed Achievement with a boat procession to the Hudson River's Pier 84 Park, just three blocks away at West 44th St.

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