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Workshops, Courses and Exhibits
Presentations of all sorts by Wendy Brawer and Modern World Design are listed in detail on the resume page (find both design and art resumes here).

Some examples:

Design for the Environment
was a Cooper Union public program course co-taught by Mark Seltman and Wendy from 1990-93. These bumperstickers were created by our alternative transport class, and marketed at the 1991 NY Auto Show & Earth Day fair.

"Don't Drive Yourself to Extinction" was reprinted by Wendy in 2003.


Wendy has spoken before many museum, university, conference and other audiences, including this one at the British Craft Council's Fragments symposium in 1996 - find a detailed list on the downloadable Resume.

Workshops include teacher trainings at Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education, Henry Street Settlement, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution, New York University and other other places around the world.

Wendy and Modern World developed the presentation packet that got Green Map selected as EXPO 2000 Project Around the World. Special thanks to Alexandra Sticher, interning graphic designer. We also had an exciting role in EXPO 2005. Our efforts to promote Green Maps have resulted in numerous awards!

Wendy responds to all media requests for cover art, graphics, and stories about Green Map, essential to our outreach efforts. This amazing story has been covered in dozens of publications around the world - see our Media page for bilbiography and links.

Exhibits include this traveling show, pictured at Detroit's 1999 National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America. Green Map's 2004 Vibrant Communities Exhibit at NYC's Municipal Art Society included a digital exhibit and forum. We have also provided elements used in several Green Map exhibits created by Mapmakers worldwide. Wendy has participated in many group exhibits, including one with O2 NYC at the American Tour De Sol.

As Designer in Residence at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Wendy gave tours of the Henry Dreyfuss retrospective exhibit to youngsters. The Museum's student guide to this industrial designer's work included this page on Wendy's work:

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