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Green Map System was begun by Wendy Brawer and Modern World Design in 1995, three years after we published the original Green Apple Map of NYC. GMS quickly gained the creative support and involvement of a diverse network of designers, environmentalists, activists, students, engaged citizens and civil servants. GMS became truly global in 1997, with projects underway on every inhabited continent. In 2000, Green Map System was spun off as a separate not-for-profit organization that Wendy continues to direct. Today, we offer a universally shared visual language of Icons and adaptable frameworks used by city-wide as well as youth mapmakers.

GreenMap.org - This Website is dedicated to telling Green Map's amazing story and to describing the wonderful outcomes produced in cities and towns, bio-regions and neighborhoods.

To date, there are more than 390 locally-led projects underway in 50 countries, in places from Barcelona to Bangkok to Buenos Aires to Boston. Wendy leads the production of Green Map exhibits, presentations, talks, new web and mapmaking resources, collaborative books and more. In Sring 2007, a whole version of the global website is being launched.

Green Map System also creates new editions of the local Green Apple Map for NYC. It's the original Green Map!

In fact, of the 300+ different editions of Green Maps now completed around the world, our own 2001 LoMap, Lower Manhattan's Youth Green Map brought us, collectively, up to the One Million Maps Printed Milestone in April 2001! In mid-2003, GMS surpassed the 2 million mark in maps printed around the world!

LoMap is a printed folding map, an online map and also, this project yielded a model methodology ready to be utilized in other communities. You can find a digital version of LoMap at GreenAppleMap.org., along with our 2006 citywide energy-themed Green Apple Map and many other Green Apple resources (including free outreach postcards), great resources in English, Spanish and Chinese and our events calendar. Do visit GreenAppleMap.org.

The Green Apple Map is one of the ten projects featured in the Green Map Atlas! It debuted online February 29, 2004 at greenatlas.org and has been downloaded well over 200,000 times since then! Wendy wrote the NYC story and has had an ongoing role in the project. She has also contributed to other Green Map books, including 2005's Mapping Our Common Ground (in Spanish and English) - see our Store for details!

Here at Green Map System's headquarters on Manhattan's Lower East Side, our small, dedicated staff and interns really enjoy working with Green Mapmakers, near and far. We help new Map projects get underway, publicize the resulting Green Maps, collect and share the experiences and map-making models developed locally, communicate with the far-flung community of Green Map teams, showcase the local projects' diverse approaches, keep the website up-to-date, and in general, keep this inspiration engine fired up! Green Map System has been a tremendously rewarding project!

Our local work in NYC since 1992 includes:
  • producing 5 editions of city-wide folding paper Green Apple Maps
  • launching greenmap.org/nyc in 1998, then adding illustrated travelogues to this interactive site. In 2004, we launched GreenAppleMap.org as the new online home for all NYC Green Map projects.
  • offering help to young New Yorkers who are making their own Green Maps in Brooklyn, East Harlem and on the Lower East Side, as seen in the Allied Maps section of the NYC site.
  • and most recently updated in 2004, LoMap, our youth-authored, adult-designed close-up view of Lower Manhattan!
  • we have collaborated on the publication of 5 books about Green Mapmaking, too.
  • we have also created exhibits, workshops, bike and walking tours, and done a great deal of mapping to promote a Greener, More Culturally Enriched NYC! We have collaborated on the publication of 5 books about Green Mapmaking, too. We are very happy that so many people in our community and on our planet have gotten involved with Green Maps!

Getting to know Green Mapmakers is one of greatest rewards of this project! We have had regional gatherings in New York, Havana, Aichi Japan, Detroit, Dublin, Copenhagen-Malmo Sweden, Americas West Coast, Yogykarta Indonesia, Taipai, Kyoto, and Bellagio Italy. Mapmakers' workshops, meetings, collaborations and virtual relationships spanning the globe!
We've had great interns too, including Emma McGregor-Mento and Beth Ferguson, as well as wonderful Board members and advisors, including these NYC-based educators. Green Map System has a bright future ahead of it, and you can click its Support Page to learn more about our goals and help us achieve them, anytime!
"Whether helping people create a comprehensive view of a region or a close-up view of a city neighborhood, the Green Map System is ultimately about the recognition and the revitalization of sustainable living."

Orion Afield, Fall 99

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