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Eco Design Links

Listed in no particular order, with URLs added for those who wish to copy this list. Updated on occasion!

O2 Global Network This eco-design association's site has excellent links to Green Resources and great concepts to explore. http://www.o2.org

Treehugger.com An excellent resource for green design or all kinds, with new bits added continually, globally. http://treehugger.com

Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology, also known as CREST is a powerful web site, housing several key projects. http://www.crest.org/

Read up on Sustainable Business at this terrific resource, with fresh news (and job listings, too) monthly! http://www.sustainablebusiness.com

The Green Business Letter has a wonderful newly relaunched website! http://www.greenbiz.com

Clean Edge is a great new (2001) resource for clean technology and energy production. http://www.cleanedge.com

A Pattern Language for Sustainability -This is a beautiful site! www.conservationeconomy.net

The Buckminster Fuller Institute provides inspiration and keys to re-designing our future. www.bfi.org

Fresh eco resources for product designers can be found in the special interest group Environment pages of the IDSA's website. The OKALA curriculum guide is Highly Recommended! http://www.idsa.org

ReThink is a very useful resource for ecologically-sound paper options. http://www.earthisland.org/paper/rtp.html

The Orion Society's publications and web site are dedicated to presenting many voices on nature and culture. Green Map System is part of their Grassroots Network. http://www.orionsociety.org

ZERI, the Zero Emissions Research Intiative is a truly amazing industrial ecology site, involving bio-based production in several areas...see it for yourself & get inspired! Check out the "grow your own home" project! http://www.zeri.org

The Bioneers is an annual event to consider practical solutions for restoring the Earth. See it all (with great links) here!http://www.bioneers.org

PlaNetworkers is a terrific though-provoking conference on eco-info. http://www.planetworkers.org

Doors of Perception is a unique conference series! http://www.doorsofperception.com

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network Very useful resources, and very timely as the US utilities are de-regulated in 1998.http://www.eren.doe.gov/ There's also a terrific assortment of fresh energy related links at the Green Apple Map site. http://greenapplemap.org/page/powerlinks

Eco-labels.org will help you sort through claims and certification organizations, thanks to Consumers Union. http://www.eco-lables.org

Responsible Shopper is a terrific resource for those who want to buy from companies with good policies and records. Brought to you by Coop America, there's scores of companies, brand names and products. http://www.responsibleshopper.org

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology's Center for Design has many amazing projects underway. http://daedalus.edc.rmit.edu.au/

Second Nature Useful resources for university level-environmental education and campus greening, etc.http://www.2nature.org/






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