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Articles, Talks and Tips
Here are some of Wendy Brawer's articles and talks from the past decade. Most include reference to a magazine, an event or website, where you might find the published and illustrated (and sometimes edited) version.

Please feel free to download these writings, but if you want to publish them, please for permission first. Thanks for checking this out, and comments welcome, of course!
  • The Web as a Metaphor is about the connection between the info-web and the web of life, 95 for rana magazine
  • Green Design in NYC was written for visiting designers and eco-tourists, 95 for World Design magazine
  • The Greening of NYC, as Seen by a Designer is from a 30 minute presentation. It has some overlap with the article above, 95, Copenhagen DK
  • A Wishlist from: Designing Citizens is an excerpt from a talk to industrial design professors that was later published in Whole Earth Review, 93
  • Materials are the Message for European Green Products, 95 was written for In Business, the US's eco-entreprenuering magazine, as was Designing Danish Environments, 95
  • Ecologically-Responsive Design in Berlin was written in 93 for a US audience, but it was published in Australia!
  • Environmental Tips for Shoppers. Shop smart and make a positive impact, 95

Several articles on Green Maps, in NYC and Around the World are posted also, including these by Wendy:

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  • History of the Green Apple Map (Places, 94),
  • The System in Progress
    (Liberty Tree online journal 97),
  • ECOnomics & Green Maps (International Ecological Economics Bulletin with Beatriz Casteneda 99),
  • Havana Talk
    (at Ethics & Culture of Sustainable Development conference 99,
  • Millenium Message
    (ADPSR News 2000) and
  • We Chart the Earth
    (Whole Earth Review 2001)
  • New York Story in the Green Map Atlas
    (published by Green Map System 2004)
  • Powerful Green Map of NYC
    (published by Green Map System 2006)
Design in the Green Apple appeared
in Australia's Design World in 1995

Green Map Attack! was in
Scholastic's Science World in 1995

Articles about Green Maps are in the News section of GreenMap.org, or click here to see some quotes.

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