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Welcome to Wendy E. Brawer's website

Wendy is an ecological designer and networker
with an artist's sensibility

Since 1990, Wendy's New York-based company, Modern World Design, has consulted and created services and products that promote ecological stewardship, including the Green Apple Map of NYC's environmentally significant places.

Under Wendy's direction, this project has grown into the Green Map System, an award-winning local-global collaboration now active in over 45 countries. With a globally designed visual language of Icons and programs for both city-wide and youth mapmakers, in 2000, Green Map System was spun off as a not-for-profit organization that Wendy continues to direct. This website also introduces her other communications, consulting and art projects.

This original Green Map sparked the global System

Wendy helped create IDSA's Business EcoDesign Tools

Wendy has written about, shared information/ inspiration and taught about eco-design for more than a decade. Most currently she contributes to the Worldchanging NY blog, as well as continual writing about and for the Green Map System's global and local projects.

Wendy is on the BALLE Advisory Council and the International New Mobility Advisory Council. She is an active member of the O2 Global Network and co-founder and board member of O2NYC.

She chaired the Industrial Designers Society of America's Committee on Environmental Concerns in 1993-95, and was on ADPSR's NY board 1996-1999. Her design resume has more details, too.

Wendy was honored
to be the Designer in Residence at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution in 1997.

In 2007, a video interview was created by Cornell University, and in 2005, Wendy was awarded a Woman of Earth - Terre de Femmes by Yves Rocher Foundation.

In 2003, she recieved a Sea Change Fellowship from Gaea Foundation.

In 2001, she was selected as one of I.D. Magazine's Top Forty socially responsible designers, and Metropolitan Home named her a Top 100 Designer in 2001. Shift Magazine called her an Eco-Innovator in 2002, too.

Wendy also received 1998's ECO Kudos Award for Connections (Communications Arts) and was co-winner of SolarScape, Art & Science Collaboration's 1999 competition.

Green Map honors

  • 2007 US EPA Environmental Quality Award

  • 2005 Selected for NGO Global Village Exhibit at Aichi EXPO 2005, Japan (seen by 400,000 people, and described here)

  • 2002 Olympics' Spirit of the Land Award

  • 2001 Technology Benefiting Humanities Awards Laureate

  • 2001 Municipal Art Society's
    Certificate of Merit for our NYC projects

  • EXPO 2000 Project Around the World

  • 1999 US National Award for Sustainability in New Communication Tools, President's Council on Sustainable Development & Renew America

  • 1998 United Nations Centre for Human Settlements' Global Best Practices 100 List

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