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    Cornell University's
    2007 Video interview


    2005 Woman of Earth - Terre de Femmes award, Yves Rocher Foundation

    2004 Santa Clara University Global Social Benefits Incubator Invitee

    2003 Honorary Citizen of Nagakuta Japan, host community for Aichi EXPO 2005

    2003 Sea Change Residency fellowship awarded by Gaea Foundation

    2002 Eco Innovator Shift digital culture magazine

    2002: Accredited as Artist by NYC Department of Cultural Affairs Art Resume

    2001 I. D. Forty International Design selection of 40 Socially Responsible Designers

    2001 Metropolitan Home's Design 100

    1999 Art & Science Collaborations SolarScapes Co-winner

    1998 KUDOS Award for "Connections" from Communication Arts' Eco Critique.

    1997 Designer-in-Residence at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution.


    2006 Treasured Maps, New York Public Library

    2005 Green Map Hall, EXPO 2005's NGO Global Village, Aichi Japan

    2004 Vibrant Communities, Green Maps of New York and the World, Municipal Art Society

    2002 Tokyo Art Jungle's Art Train & Tokyo International Forum

    2001 "Re-F-Use", Cultural Connections' traveling exhibit, Paris, Copenhagen, Utretcht

    2000 "SolSpherica" three year outdoor interactive solar exhibit at Liberty Science Center, NJ
    (co-designed with Amelia Amon of Alt.technica)

    2000 "Green Maps" at Environmental Grantmakers Association, Mohonk NY

    2000 "Green Maps" at Malmo Sweden's Central Library

    2000 "Maporama" Queens Museum of Art, NY

    1997-98 "Glamorous Green" Materials Connexion

    1997 "Global Green Maps", NGO Forum, United Nations Climate Change Conference, Kyoto

    1997 "100 Show," American Center for Design, Chicago

    1997 "Streetscapes & Furniture," Municipal Art Society

    1995 "Hello Again, Recycling in the Real World", Fashion Institute of Technology

    1995-94 "Garbage! the History and Politics of Trash in NYC", New York Public Library

    1993 "Green October", Institute of Business Designers

    1992 "Ecopolis", International Academy of Architecture, Rio DeJaneiro

    1992 "The Power of Maps", Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

    1992 "Design New York", Municipal Art Society

    1992 "Cheap Design", Gallery 91

    Teaching & Workshops

    2000-2007 Cloud Instute for Sustainability Education

    Spring 2002 and 2003 "Charting Sustainability in the Real World" at New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Studies

    1994-2003 Green Map Workshops for Summer Design Institute at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institute

    1998 Photovoltatic/Photosynthesis Solar Street Furniture Design and Recycled Design Workshops, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institute

    1997 Workshops for educators, tours for students, lectures, planning, etc as .Designer in Residence, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institute.

    1995-96 Green Map workshop leader at the Tennendesign Forum in Kyoto and at TU Delft in Holland with the O2 Global Network

    1995-98 visiting instructor/guest critic in various design classes, Parsons School of Design

    1995 "expert" in EcoTourism workshop at Doors of Perception 3 on Eco-Info, Netherlands Design Institute, Amsterdam

    1994 Workshops on designing with recycled materials at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

    Foundation studio at Parsons School of Design introducing solar-powered and electric vehicles and the American Tour de Sol

    1993 Public space recycling bin project at Pratt Institute; visiting instructor for a workshop on Human Power at Carnegie-Mellon University

    1992 Environmental Overview lecture series at The Cooper Union's continuing education division

    1990-92 Co-taught the project-oriented Design for the Environment course with Mark Seltman at The Cooper Union's continuing education division


    2007-08 Califia Sketchbook

    2005 Metropolis Next Generation

    2001 American Colleges of Architecture Association's Design with Steel Tubing

    2001 International Design Resources Awards (recycled content products)

    1998 National Art & Design Competition for Street Trees

    1996-97 International Design Resources Awards (recycled content products)

    1993-97 American Marketing Association's Edison Awards

    1994 NYC Dept of Sanitation's Ecologically Sound Packaging Design Competition

    1994 ADPSR/NY's Honor Awards

    Speaking Engagements

    10-07 Design for Community, Baltimore Museum of Art

    6-07 Keynote at Delta Electronics Best Practicesin Tongli China,
    and at Green Map workshops and presentations in Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei

    4-07 American Planning Association National Conference, Philadelphia

    4-07 Yale's Envirolution, New Haven

    11-06 European Congress of International Schools, Nice FR

    5-06 GISMO, NYC

    4-06 New York Map Society, NYC

    2-06 TED University, Monterey, on CO2 Diets

    11-05 European Congress of International Schools, The Hague NL

    3-05 Building Energy, Boston

    2-05 Planetwork, NY

    11-04 EcoMetro, NYC

    5-04 BALLE (Business Alliance for a Local Living Economy), Philadelphia

    4-04 Convergence, Dublin

    3-04 Building Green, Detroit

    5-03 & 5-00 San Francisco

    4-03 Social Venture Network Annual Conference, Rhinebeck NY

    1-03 Rhode Island School of Design11-02 HearSay, Philadelphia

    3-02 Portfolio & Views, California College of Arts & Crafts

    1-02 Keynoter at Alliance of New Jersey Eco Educators Annual Conference

    11-01 Design School, University of Michigan

    6-01 DEMI Launch Event, London

    6-01 Design for the Future, Seattle WA

    6-01 Green Mapping at City Hall, Victoria BC Canada

    2-01 Culture Jamming, New York University

    2-01 Architecture School, University of Dublin

    10-00 Industrial Design Class, University of the Arts, Philadelphia PA

    5-00 Planetworkers: Information Technology & Global Technology, San Francisco

    5-00 Advancing Community Sustainability, Roanoke VA

    4-00 American Planning Association National Conference NYC

    12-99 Urban Ecology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

    10-99 Vision Plus 7, Tokyo

    10-99 Under the Sun, Cooper Hewitt's Solar Conference

    4-99 Industrial Designers, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh

    6-98 Introducing Mapas Verde (Green Maps), Ethics & Culture of Sustainable Development Conference & ISPJAE Arquitectura, Havana Cuba

    4-98 Childrens' Neighborhood-scale Green Maps, American Planning Association National Conference, Boston MA

    4-98 Society & Technology, Art & Science Collaborations

    4-98 O2 & the Green Map System, O2 Tenth Anniversary Symposium, Copenhagen Denmark

    4-98 Green Maps, Here & There, Malmo Academy, Malmo Sweden

    10/12-97 EcoDesign, Hampshire College, Amherst MA and Cornell U, Ithaca NY

    3-97 Serious Fun, Industrial Designers Society of America Regional Conference, Syracuse NY

    4-97 My Approach, Sustainable Design Forum, Seattle Art Museum, WA

    2-97 My Green Eyed View of NYC, Wild City, New York

    10-96 My Pathway, Bioneers Conference, San Francisco, CA

    4-96 Green Design Day, Sheffield Hallam University, England

    4-96 On Green Design in the USA, Fragments Symposium, British Crafts Council, London

    3-96 Design Adventures, University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, LA

    11-95 Production and Consumption, Feminist Perspectives on Design and Technology CUNY, NYC

    3-95 The Greening of NYC, International Union of Architects' NGO Forum on the Future of Cities at the Social Summit, Copenhagen

    3-95 My Work, Danish Design School, Copenhagen

    8-94 My Approach to Design, Industrial Designers Society of America National Conference, Detroit

    11-94 Sustainable Design, Sustainable Communities Congress, Silver Springs, MD

    1992-4 Green Careers, New York University

    10-94 Environmental Entreprenuering, Eco Expo East, Boston

    4-94 Green Design in NYC, University of Washington, Seattle

    1993 Green Apple Map, New York Map Society

    1993 Eco Lifestyling, Barnard College

    1993 Architecture & Ecology, HLW Architects

    1992 The Earth Summit, International Council of Societies of Industrial Design Congress, Ljubljana, Slovenia

    1992 Eco/Socio Responsibility, Manhattan Institute of Management

    1992 Welcoming Speech, Green Apple Design Tour, lower Manhattan


    2002-04, Wendy is on the ERDA award-winning Broward County FL's Parks Art Master Plan design team, led by Lorna Jordan.

    2001 Greening the Tenants, Green October

    1997 Environmental Seminar, Patagonia

    1994-97 Greening Program, Manhattan Plaza

    1995-96 Recycled and Renewable Materials, S.I.T.E.

    1995 Children's Product Consulting, Kathryn Schenker Associates

    1993-5 Waste Reduction Projects, Times Square Business Improvement District

    1994 Resource Efficient Retrofit consulting, Paul Laird Architects

    1994 Greening Consulting Team, Herald Square Hotel

    1993 Green Concepts for the Municipal Bldg. Plaza, NYC Department of General Services Design Division (pro bono)

    1992 Marine Infrastructure Products of Recycled Plastic, Utility Plastics

    1991 Exhibit Research, Lightwheels

    Selection of Articles by Brawer
    (published in USA publications unless noted. Several are linked to our Articles page)

    3-05 Foreword to Energetic Green Map Movement book by the Society of Wilderness, Taiwan

    11-04 New York Story in the Green Map Atlas (Wendy was also Project Manager

    6-01 We Chart the Earth, Whole Earth Magazine's Viridian Design issue

    1-01 "On Eco-Design" Environmental Grantmakers Association Journal

    7-99 "Eco Design Links" Eco Design Tools by Eco Committee of Industrial Designers Society of America

    12-97 "ID: Force of Nature?" Industrial Designers Society of America NY Newsletter & ID Forum Online

    5-97 "The BioFach Report", In Business

    7-96 "The Web as a Metaphorof Our Time",frogdesign's rana

    4-96 "Provoking, A Report", Innovation

    1-96 "Wish List for Eco Design Education", Whole Earth Review

    11-95 "Residential Recycling: Manhattan Plaza", Metro Planner

    6-95 "Green Design in NYC", Design World, Australia

    4-95 "Materials are the Message for European Green Products", In Business

    1-95 "The Green Apple Map", Places

    4-93 "Eco Design in Berlin", EcoDesign Forum, Australia

    4-93 "Recycling Plastic", Innovation

    91-93 Several Articles, Institute of Business Designers SEED


    2005 Design Ignites Change Task Force.

    2004-05 Neighborhood Energy Network, NYC.

    2002 - 05 Social Venture Network - BALLE Adisory Board.

    1995-05 Time's Up! member, 6BC Garden member.

    1993-05 Member of the O2 Global Network, an international ecological designers group. US Liasion to Global Net
    Founding member of O2 NYC in 1995. Chair of O2 NYC in 1996. NYC Board 2005.

    1993-05 Business Member of Co-op America.

    1993-02 Board of Directors, Architects, Designers, Planners for Social Responsibility, NY Chapter.

    1997-99 Professional Designers Centennial Committee, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum.

    1993-95 Chair of the Industrial Designers Society of AmericaÉs Committee on Environmental Concerns. Member of IDSA 1989-99.

    1991-96 Manhattan Citizens Solid Waste Advisory Board.

    1992-95 IDSA's Alternate Delegate to the American Institute for Pollution Prevention.

    1994 Modern World Design certified as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise by New York State.

    Reviews(sorry not updated yet in eons! Recently updated linked list of articles, books, etc about Green Map System are listed here and quoted here)


    8-97 "Green Maps," House Beautiful

    7-97 "Painting the Map Green," "New Age Journal"

    6-97 "Green Cartology," "E Magazine"

    3-97 "Mapping Progress", Metropolis Magazine

    11-96 "Eco Spots", I.D. Magazine

    6-96 "Mapping Green Progress", Town & Country Planner, UK

    4-96 "Tennendesign's Green Map Workshop", River, Japan

    12-95 "Eco Products On Line", In Business

    12-95 "Green Mapping: Tool for Liveable Cities", Green Design Quarterly, Canada

    6-95 "New Paradigms American Style", Co-Design, England

    6-95 "The Green Apple", UIA News, Denmark

    4-95 "Green Map Attack", Science World

    4-95 "She Makes the Apple A Little Greener", Artur, Denmark

    1-94 "Give and Take", I.D. Magazine

    7-94 "Design for the Environment Not Yet Mainstream", Business and the Environment

    5-94, "Eco Design Tour Around the World", Nikkei Design, Japan

    1-94, ""At The IDSA Conference", Design Korea, Korea

    12-93 "Everyone Deposits, Anyone Redeems", BioCycle

    9-93 "Grappling with the Apple", Garbage

    5-93 "Cover Story", Pronto, Japan

    9-91 "Modern World Protagonists", ECO


    9-27-93, "Woman Confronts Disposable Society", NY Daily News

    2-26-92 "A Walk on the Greener Side of the Big Apple", Earth Summit Times

    9-5-91 "Cast-Off Convertibles", NY Newsday

    9-21-90 "Why are Designers Down in the Dumps?", NY Daily News


    1999 Design and Feminist, Rothschild, et al

    1996 Ecology of Design, by AIGA

    1995, Green at Work II, by Susan Cohn, Island Press

    1995, Choose to ReUse, by Nikki & David Goldbeck, Ceres Press

    1993, Making Less Garbage, by Bette Fishbein and Caroline Gelb, Inform Inc.


    5-97 "Green Maps," Green TV (cable

    4-97 "Green Map System Interview with Susan Szenasy," WBAI

    3-97 "Green Apple Map", WNYC-AM

    4-94, "Times Square's Take Out Less Waste Reduction Campaign", CNN News

    9-93, "Green Apple Map", New York One News

    4-93, "The Greening of NYC", WFMU-FM

    1-93, "Green Apple Map", WBAI-FM

    6-92, "Consumerism", Manchete TV, Brazil

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